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Recently I went on a walk through Eastie. Here are a few images


Some pictures

more books

27. Sanderson, Brandon., The Way of Kings (1280 pp.)
28. Crichton, Michael.,  Pirate Latitudes (400 pp.)
29. Bray, Patricia., Devlin’s Luck (416 pp.)


List so far:

  1. Card, Orson Scott. The Lost Gate (464pp.)
  2. Sullivan, Michael J. Theft of Swords. (704pp.)
  3. Sullivan, Michael J. Rise of Empire. (816pp.)
  4. Salvatore, R. A. The Highwayman. (432pp.)
  5. Elliot, Kate. Cold Magic. (544pp.)
  6. Stephenson, Neal. REAMDE. (1056pp.)
  7. Stackpole, Michael A., The Dark Glory War,  (402pp.)
  8. Rothfuss, Patrick, The Name of the Wind (722pp.)
  9. Rothfuss, Patrick, The Wise Man’s Fear (993pp.)
  10. Abraham, Daniel, The Dragon’s Path (555pp.)
  11. Kelby, Scott, Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It (264pp.)
  12. Stackpole, Michael A., Fortress Draconis (736pp.)
  13. (I can’t remember!)
  14. Stackpole, Michael A., When Dragons Rage
  15. Collins, Suzanne, Hunger Games
  16. Stackpole, Michael A., Grand Crusade
  17. Collins, Suzanne, Catching Fire
  18. Zelany, Roger, The Great Book of Amber. (1264 pp)
  19. Hamilton, Peter F., The Dreaming Void (608 pp)
  20. Hamilton, Peter F., The Temporal Void (672 pp)
  21. Hamilton, Peter F., The Evolutionary Void (672 pp)
  22. Moon, Elizabeth, Oath of Fealty (480 pp)
  23. Moon, Elizabeth, Kings of the North (512 pp)
  24. Weeks, Brent, The Way of Shadows (688 pp)
  25. Weeks, Brent, Shadow’s Edge (656 pp)
  26. Weeks, Brent, Beyond the Shadows (720 pp)
  27. Sanderson, Brandon., The Way of Kings (1280 pp.)
  28. Crichton, Michael.,  Pirate Latitudes (400 pp.)
  29. Bray, Patricia., Devlin’s Luck (416 pp.)